WTF is up with the Internet?

21 05 2015

cross eyes

Lately the internet is off the hook. Like it just started talking to me again out of the blue. Somehow on one of these 150 windows I have open, a video started playing itself.  What does it care if I’m in the public library or Hank is trying to sleep? Then, while I’m trying to shut it up desperately, a pop-up decides to take over the entire screen and hold it ransom.  There seems to be no way to stop it, short of throwing it against a wall with force. There is no little X. I just have to wait while this thing loads, and Hank wakes up grumpily or the librarian starts pounding her foot like a mad bull and snorts.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to get everything in the entire universe done on this pathetic torture device that is clearly going downhill fast. I can’t believe this thing actually has a camera pointing at me that could be free entertainment for the domestic spies.  Well, this stuff ain’t free boys. I mean this stuff on the blog is free, but this stuff not on the blog isn’t free. So stop watching videos on my windows because these pop-ups take hella time to load when you use all my RAM stealing my only way of earning a living. Bloody hell.