Checking In on 2013: The Year I Take No Crap

7 07 2013

So with the year half over and all, I thought I’d check in on how the No Crap in 2013 Challenge is coming along. I had promised to kick the crap out of the crap this year, back in the delirium of late December when I succumbed to that annual mass hallucination known as the New Year’s resolution.

But six months into the Challenge, I have to ask myself, have I really, as pledged, been “Crap Free in two zero one three”?

Of course I haven’t. Because as I already knew: “The Crap Keeps Coming. The Crap Never Ends.” Life is a nonstop crap tsunami, a veritable shopping mall of crap to take or not to take. Since there’s enough crap out there for 7 billion lifetimes or more, I realize if I’m going to survive, I better stop taking all this crap on.

On the other hand, I’m reminded of a little piece of advice mom might have given:
When life gives you stinky rotten moldy lemons — hey kid, why not make some lemonade!?




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