If I had a drone

31 03 2013
Meet your new co-worker, the Customer Assistance Drone, model QD13

Meet your new co-worker, the Customer Assistance model QD13

If I had a drone, the number one thing I’d like to do with it is send it to work in my place. I bet no one would mind (or maybe even notice) I wasn’t there, since the drone would be all anyone would be talking about.

The drone could sit behind the desk at the library in my place and direct people to what they need.  I’m sure a drone could handle that.  It should be easy for a drone.  I could download the entire library catalog to my drone, so when someone wanted books on navel oranges or Shamanism or Jim Thompson, the drone could just whiz right over to that section.  A drone wouldn’t even have to stop to look up the Dewey number, like I would.

Yes, I’m seeing where drones could have quite a future at the public library and in customer service in general. This is just the type of revolutionary jump forward we wage slaves have been waiting for to free us up. But only if we don’t let the bosses get hold of the drones first.

The end of the employment era is upon us when you can send your drone to work for you!  Why wait for clones, when drones are already here and available for sale on the Internet? It’s time to get your own drone.  Demand drones for the masses.  Let’s start by making them tax deductible.




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