2010: One Damn Futuristic Sounding Year

25 12 2009

It’s practically 2010, are you ready for the most futuristic-sounding year since 2000?

I sure am not, but I am ready to start talking like Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise.  He was so dramatic, you just can’t help feel like it’s way in the future when you say everything like him.

Even simple communications take on a new futuristic drama filtered through your own version of Kirk-speak:

“Scotty, are you able to you pass the dilithium crystals for my coffee? (No, Jim, we’re breaking up.)

“Spock, did you fuel up the earth vehicle after running your space errands? (Sorry, Jim, I had difficulty finding a docking station at the space mall, and spending further time in the earth vehicle did not seem… rational.)

“Uhura, we have guests beaming in at Oh 400 hours. We need the crew to square the decks.” (Well, Jim, I’m getting my hair done, and I’m getting waxed. Does that count?)


In the future, there will be a hair salon on every block but no place to get a bite to eat for miles and miles. 

Wait a minute — that’s not the future. That’s now! Let me try this again…

In the future, all the hair salons will have little snack shops in them, for all the hungry people who wander the neighborhoods and would otherwise starve.  This is my humble dream.




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