An Extraordinary Flow of Sass

10 10 2008

This site ain’t perfect, but it has its moments.  Here are a few of bad apple’s own personal favorites.

I can’t help it, I like Tomatofornia.  What is not to like about a tomato-fixated paradise on Earth?

Okay, I get a lot of cannibal hits — it’s wierd, but it works. The real stars here are the cannibal chickens.  They eat other chickens.  And go camping and stuff.

What, too stange for you? 

Maybe you really hate passwords, or maybe your democracy was secretly replaced with Folgers Crystal coffee, Tee Em.

And not to be missed…

…History: “How the Irish Invented the Potato Smoothie”

…Culture: “Snakes are People, Too, St. Patrick!”

…How To: “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Hitlers”

…and Health! “The Bug Diet”




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