What’s Hotter: Molton Lava or Your Car Seats?

21 06 2008

In a surprise leap of logic out of the volcano and onto the asphalt, leading scientists recently discovered the hottest place on earth is not buried deep in some obsure sleeping volcano. Instead, earth’s hottest high temperatures were recently found to exist on seat surfaces inside the average parked family automobile.

“The skin searing temperatures reached on even the lightest-colored car seat far exede what we had first assumed,” announced Winslow P. Star, the heatometrist credited with the discovery.  “I mean, it always felt like a cajillion degrees to me and the kids, but you never know anything until a meter reading tells you what you know.”

Star decided to test the temperature on his car seat one day after a long day of volcano temperature testing.  That’s when he made the discovery that molten lava can’t hold a candle to the heat stored in car seats. 





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