Are You a Crappy Boss?

8 02 2008

Do you suck as a boss? has created a list of signs to help you discover if your employees can’t stand the sight of you and run in the other direction when they see you coming — in case you live in a cloud of blissful, mean ignorance, totally unaware what a giant jerk and bully you are to your workers.  

My personal favorite from the list: Too many ex-employees:

“If your staff falls away like linty Post-it notes, ask yourself: Is high turnover the problem? Or am I?”

Of course, if you are a crappy boss, this kind of wussy self-questioning probably isn’t your style anyway.  In that case, you might prefer the kind of advice found in the soon-to-be-published best-seller The Seven Habits of Highly-Effective Hitlers. 

Finally, I’d like to present a word of encouragement to crappy bosses and their poor victim-workers everywhere.  It’s a little motto that I live by, even had one of those trendy band bracelots made up special to always remind me of these wise, wise words:


Never Give Up…


Your Liver.




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