My Latest Money-Making Screenplay Idea That Has Yet to Make Money

22 11 2007

Now let me turn to an “elevator speech” example of my unique gift for money-making screenplay ideas that have yet to make money.  Imagine, if you can, a future-fantasy-action meets The Secret Life of Plants thriller, a parallel bio-freaky universe where the future of everything comes down to: 

Terminato and the Last Tomato…

Critics (in my head) call Terminato and the Last Tomato,
“the most suspenseful blog post of the last five minutes–ever!”

Something’s worse than rotten in the remote city-state known as Tomatofornia, and the stink trail leads right to Governor “Terminato,” the region’s tough celebrity governor.  Originally famous for playing Terminato The Deadly Tomato in the phenomenally popular film series, that was before he got into politics.  Now the “Governato” is quietly taking over Tomatofornia’s treasured Public Tomato-torium and seems seed-bent on directing it right into the ground. 

At stake is nothing less than the combined world’s knowledge of tomatoes, including when to use an “e” or not.  Its ruin in a tomato-centric world like Tomatofornia would lead to certain tomatastrophy, with dreadful implications for the Tomato-state and beyond. 

But before Tomatofornia’s last slice turns Gang Green, there’s one last hope.  The adorable and powerless Aliseedison Bowmato trips upon Terminato’s tomato-hater plot, and how he’s using the town’s crack-addicted wood elves and pink lawn flamingos to carry it out.  But how can little old she stop the spread of rotten death stank before the it reaches….

The Last Tomato?

Can Aliseedison take on Terminato’s gang and save the precious seeds for all future generations, or will tomatoes go the way of carrots and apples?  Will the evil celebrity governor make sauce of Tomatofornia’s public treasure?  What in hell is a Public Tomato-torium anyway? All these intrigues and more will unfold before you eyes in what other critics (in my head) call “the freshest take on the whole tomato-film concept blog post in years.”

Tune in soon here, for the first episode of Terminato and the Last Tomato.  In the meantime, if you like Terminato and the Last Tomato, you might enjoy reading about the Cannibal Chickens.




6 responses

3 12 2007

Word of reality warning. I sued the Governator back in the early nineties, along with James Cameron, over ICM renegging on my screenplay Minotaur (a liquid metal one) and then recycling thirty scenes and several characters in T2. I spent five years in an out of court until my attorneys felt they couldn’t spend any more of their money for me. You’re great idea infringes their (my copyright).

Have to say that the day before the Governator was to front my attorneys he had a heart attack. I have a 127 page of James Cameron’s answers though. I’m beginning to think it would make a great film.

3 12 2007

It’s all coming back to me. Minotaur was the first screenplay that had four heroes fighting against contemporary authority to save the future. T2 was the first movie to have the same thing. And I’m stopping here.

6 01 2008

While I appreciate and need any and all reality warnings, I am still constitutionally allowed to mock copyrighted ideas last time I checked. Also, as I state clearly in my Mission Statement, nothing is my fault. I hope this clears up all that lawyer talk.

13 04 2008

I have an unpresented ..original idea for a to get paid for it though

2 05 2008
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10 10 2008
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