Oh, for a Cubed Dream Well Lived OR Is It a Lived Cube Well Dreamed?

9 10 2007

Lately, I’ve been preoccupied something terrible by my new cubicle in the basement. Princess Bad Apple, you see, was recently “sent to the dungeons” after her last job was sliced and diced in the new celebrity mayor budget. Don’t even get me started on celebrity mayor budgets – that’s a whole, other musical.

Anyway, about the time my latest grip on things started to slide, a new bible crossed my desk and suddenly everything that was fogging up my inner windshield went all crystal clear! The question, I realized now, was not between my eating, paying rent and beating back the ghost on this body age creep OR feeding my anorexic creative soul – the real question, it turned out, was whether to turn my grey windowless cubicle into a miniature working Irish Pub OR transcending the space into a heaven-sent cloud-lined nap-atorium. 

The book, Cube Chic: Take Your Office Space from Drab to Fab actually offered so many different design themes, I found myself at a design deadlock trying to determine my true future cube theme.  Oh, decisions, decisions. 

Well, decision-making has never been the strongman in my skill circus.  In fact one of my favorite modern television characters of all time is Toweley from South Park, a talking towel who gave me the life mantra we share, me and Toweley: “I choose….BOTH!”

That explains why I was pinning a grass skirt to my Tiki Cube file cabinet and astroturfing my Golf Cube bulletin board when I glanced at my NYC King Kong Cube inbox (where I’d chained my Rap Cube rim) and suddenly saw what an awful lot of work I had to catch up upon!!

Apparently while I had been either painting the asbestos floor tiles here with a colorful meditative design, or perhaps while I was brewing ice tea for my Library Cube brandy snifters, someone had dumped even more work on the work I already had been avoiding while I worked on adjusting to my new environment.

Besides the fact that all this work hardly fits into my whole cubicle design scheme as imagined (and of course the book doesn’t say word one what to do about that), yes, other than this, I’m adjusting to my new place in the world as can be expected. I will say, my dungeon-mates are exceptionally good to me down here. They understand me enough to know that when I crawl into my under-desk napitorium box and draw the grass curtain shut that it’s best to just leave me alone.




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