One Way or Another This Darkness Gotta Give

26 07 2007

Well, my life is such crud these days, I can’t even muster up my poison pen. I haven’t started watching Dr. Phil or anything quite that horrible just yet, so no need to call the experts, please.  It’s nothing really, nothing more than what an adult is expected to tolerate in this day and age without going postal.  No pretty much we all are not expected to go postal, that would be clearly unacceptable. Especially considering I work at a library.

As I have written before, librarians are far more likely to just quietly get wasted after work, which you’ve got to admit is a lot better than the postal route although probably still a healthy distance from ideal.  Ideal would be a world where things worked a little better for people, instead of whoever the hell this world was built to work for.  Robots or someone.

It’s kind of funny that America can’t seem to figure out a way to make life better for folks — it just gets worse, seems to me.  My parents, they had it okay compared to today, not that I think their sort of indentured servitude was the bomb, but it was a lot closer than what passes for the working class standards that I look around and see now. 

Today, there’s too much stick and not enough carrot.  We have to work too hard and worry too much, and we still may end up getting dumped on skid row by our HMO.  But some leader is going to come along and put our discontent into words, and get us all riled up for change.   And then he will probably be shot, too — and that’s okay. 

Actually, well, it’s not okay. But the human race is still going to limp along forward even with these giant-ass greedy ticks sucking us dry, and we are going to still make progress overall, despite that life is full of totally unnecessary pain and problems for the masses, because, well, because that’s what I tell myself. That increment of progress and the fact I work at the library — these things keep me free of any thoughts that have anything to do with anything that carries stamps, other than my own bills, which I dutifully pay on time almost every month.

This (admittedly-challenged) rationale, along with the smidgeon of free expression still allowed in this world, keeps me going.  And as long as bad apple lives and shines, she’s going to mush herself into that crack in the armor (or possibly, the armoire) of the Man and start stinking, whether she can find her goddamn pen in this bloody freaking mess, or not!




2 responses

30 07 2007

haha i’ve always thought that about librarians … getting stoned in the basement of archives, filing wrong ISBN numbers in the card catalog

19 02 2009

Dear bbizbor,
Please try to comment in English. I can’t tell if you’re complimenting me or spamming for Russian condoms.

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