Sorry for the Misplaced Poop Piece

17 07 2007

Oh bloody hell buckets, did I actually post my cat poop item over here at Bad Apple? Trust me, that was not some kind of clever pimplicity stunt to promote my Self Help for Cats site, I promise you. Rather it was a toggle problem with the user on my Blogdesk software, or in other words an Error Occurred Between Seat and Keyboard (EOBSK), or however my snarky IT friends like to put it.  (At which point, I want to announce Bad Apple’s official site motto, stolen from the pirate furniture-movers code: “It’s not my fault.”)

Should you be dying to read the piece “Think Outside the Box, Don’t Poop Outside the Box,” far be it from me to stand in your way.  But you’ll have to go over the Self Help for Cats.

Wow, I’m incredibly good at this!




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