People I Have Nothing in Common With, Part One

13 07 2007

At the risk of hurting the feelings of gamers everywhere, I have to say I feel a need to compare DNA with the author of the following sentence, from one of those devil-gadget worshipping sites, to ensure we are indeed of the same species:

Our meeting with Sierra yesterday highlighted perfectly why you’ll need to be very careful in cutting through the hype surrounding the next-gen PC gaming graphics.

Oh yeah, I’m going to need to be real careful of the potential treachery and pain involved in that, thanks friend.  Like that’s a real concern for the world. Here’s another brilliant thing to worry about from the same writer: 

First we sat down for a showing of World in Conflict, a real time strategy game that asks “What if the Cold War ran hot?”

Yeah, what if?  What if that happened?  Well, probably you would be blasted off your gamer ass, that’s what. 

Even though in my youth I wasted hours on such games, I will never understand how folks can spend all their time sitting around gaming.  Not when they can spend hours sitting around blogging, which is so very much better. 




One response

13 07 2007

Yeah really. Same thing goes for those online games like Second Life. Not that I’ve ever actually visited the Second Life site or anything, but the whole idea of creating conficts and challenges in a virtual life just doesn’t make my neurons fire. I mean, is their actual life so sort of conflict and stress that they have to go create some? I have enough stress trying to make a iving as a writer, blogger, and Interet marketer

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