How the Irish Invented the Potato Smoothie

10 07 2007

Ireland may be the last island on the planet to discover smoothie drinks but as we all know, it was well worth the wait!  Now you can read the entire saga of tremendous events that lead to the creation of the first potato smoothie, an immediate international sensation that’s fast becoming a cold-drink classic.

The potato smoothie has been called “Rasta mango meets the pub spud,” and this new book, How the Irish Invented the Potato Smoothie, takes you right into all the key moments in the evolution of the potato smoothie.  You’ll learn how ravers in Northern Ireland met with Irish Rastafarians for one incredibly-consequential afternoon at Jamba McGillicutty’s Juice in downtown Dublin, when that first potato was put in a blender and suddenly, Everything changed.

“The potato smoothie rage is fascinating as a social movement and a cultural phenomenon.  The book offers a sweeping understanding of the unseen forces at work that went into that first potato smoothie, as well as a few basic recipes to get you started making your own.  I can’t recommend this book enough!”  —Professor Ari Laxt, Idaho Tech University

And now, coming soon: How the Irish Invented the Potato Smoothie, The Movie, starring Arnold Schwartzenegger as Jamba McGuillicutty and Angelina Jolie in the role of Little Spud Rasta.


How the Irish Invented the Potato Smoothie was recently named the 2007 Winner of the Potato Book of the Year by the Urban Potato Council and their ongoing P.I.M.P. (Please, Ingest More Potatoes) initiative, which would like to take this opportunity to say:

Please, Ingest More Potatoes. 




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12 07 2007
Around Ireland in 80 links on July 12th 2007 at Holy Shmoly!

[…] The Irish invented the potato smoothie? […]

12 07 2007

Oh dear, I think I’m going to be in big trouble once all the Irish people discover that I’ve let the cat out of the bag on the Potato Smoothie story. I was sort of hoping all of Ireland wouldn’t notice that post, but then old Donncha had to put it up on Around Ireland in 80 Links. All I can say is: please have mercy, I’m a good part Irish myself. That’s not to say that the Irish part is good or bad, but I sure do love the Irish, and there’s really nothing on Earth more fulfilling at the end of a hard day than a tall, dark and handsome glass of Potato Smoothie, especially with a wee bit of whiskey smoothed in. Mmm mmm yum. Then we’ll see who can do a good Cork accent then, I tell you.

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