Happy Get Your Ass to Work Day

25 06 2007

It’s Monday, and people everywhere celebrated Get Your Ass to Work Day by getting up and getting their asses to work. Unlike Bike to Work Day which only occurs once annually, Get Your Ass to Work Day is celebrated nearly every day the world over. That’s how much we like it, even though, yes, a holiday that goes for five days out of seven all year long is bound to have a few drawbacks.

One problem is “reentry burn,” an issue I had this morning. You see, I woke up in a haze after two whole days of not celebrating Get Your Ass to Work Day. The truth is, I almost completely forgot it was Get Your Ass to Work Day! By the time I realized what day it was, I had to race to pull my costume together and gather all my Get Your Ass to Work Day traditional items (lunch, make-up, voodoo doll of boss). As you can imagine, I almost nearly didn’t get my ass to work!

Not that I think every day should be Get Your Ass to Work Day. Oh no, that is not what I’m suggesting, oh, Powers That Be, that determine our holidays and when and how they will be celebrated. Far be it from me to suggest anything to the folks that bring us bomb shows on the fourth, turkey genocide in the fall, Hallmark schlock-idays at sickening intervals, and that crowning atrocity of festering expectation known now as “the Winter Holidays.” Burrr. Compared to these annual soul-drains, even Get Your Ass to Work Day seems fun, which I suppose is the whole point.

So have a happy Get Your Ass to Work Day! I hope you managed to Get Your Ass to Work in a timely and stylish fashion. Do you like your costume today? Will you join the sidewalk parade, then? Did you bring your lunch or are you going out? Try to have a happy holiday now! Don’t forget to visit with your friends and drop a comment at your favorite blogs, you big social butterfly, you.




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