Hot Potato Girls Spread Cheese Roast Recipe

22 06 2007

Summah’s here, time to get your potato on.  That’s right, P.I.M.P. is back in the house!  The Please Ingest More Potatoes campaign is how The Urban Potato Council spreads the spud love. So don’t miss the The Hot Potato Girls as they do the rounds in the hoods — and have they got a Cheese Roast Recipe that will flood your mouth with flavah! 

Yep, nothing says summer like a lard-slathered Baby* Loaf Cheese Roast hot from the oven and just crackling with crispy, barbequed cheese skin — nothing, that is, unless it’s a few of those hot baked potatoes to soak up the, er, flavah.  MmmMMM!   The P.I.M.P. campaign and the Hot Potato Girls are brought to you by the Urban Potato Council, who want to take this moment to say: Please, ingest more potatoes.

Remember, DJ Spud Evil Says: Don’t be messin with dat funky low-carb, no-carb junk, coz the potato is really da most fly vegetable in da house.   

*Please note, no actual babies were used in this recipe.  For my baby recipe, you’ll have to see Baby Needs Salt.




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