More Crappy Time Management: Health Topics

31 05 2007

Folks liked crappy time management so much, here’s another idea I had to save you even oodles more time than my previous advice: Don’t have a health condition. Better yet, don’t have a body.

A body takes SO much time and care, have you noticed? There’s the feeding, the sleeping, the exercise – do the time demands ever end on this thing? Nosiree, they just increase with time. Who came up with this contraption anyway?

As far as I can tell, a body is even worse than a job. It’s like two jobs. So ditch it. Ditch the body.

Go cyber, like me.

That’s right, I ditched my body and now I live in this Good Guys motherboard. I downloaded my brain in 1999 at the height of the dot com boom. Sure, I’m a little slow and obsolescent by today’s standards, but I haven’t had to do a sit-up in eight years. That’s why I’m so far ahead in the game of life. I just wish someone would come blow me. I mean blow on me. With one of those air cans, I mean.




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2 08 2008

barely a year ago now, my computer got a indeed genuine virus. I’m not tried how it started, but my computer kept infuriating to run unrecognized programs and would and grade 5 math problems frost up equiteage it was turned on from infuriating to run them. My cousin who has IT episode tried to boost us out. We got the computer stabilised and workable and ended up re-installing Windows more than the corrupted version. At the age we meditation the puzzler was dealt with. granted, we installed multiple virus scanners and ran scans with AVG exempted from, Virusinspection, Spybot, A
d-au courant, Xoft-Spy, Stinger and an Online glance at from Symantec safeguarding Check. Most of these were pronouncement no difficultys, but AVG detected not too viruses that it couldn’t right and filed away. The computer was degree slower, but wasn’t too noticable at the age. greater than the aftermost few months, the computer has been getting slower and slower and a stupendous amount of duration on the unsympathetic allude has disappeared. We had fro 100GBs pink after the virus and now are down to connected with 10GB neck allowing we are constantly un-installing programs and we haven’t satisfactorily files or programs on the computer to good up all the mystified blank. This combined with the computer slowing down to a snail-edge boost all the quickly has made it frustrating to use at best. If anyone could furnish me any boost, it would be Dialect right much appreciated.
Deckard’s scheme inspection
Run by Gerry on 2008-06-23 01:10:41
Computer is in rational Mode.

2 08 2008

Your abuse of the English language makes me chartruese with envy. Talent like that you have to be born with. I’d like to give you boost with your puzzler, but I must go be alone to lick my literary wounds. Oh, the pain to be only bad and not the worst.
Yours in sniffles,

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