Crappy Time Management Practices

30 05 2007

I’ve been recombining my priorities lately because no one has any freaking bloody bleeding time anymore, last of all freaking me. Yeah this post is about crappy Time Management practices, and what not to do if you don’t want to never get anything done.

First of all, I want to say that whatever I do, I try to take the time to do it right. Then after a while I look up from what I’m doing, and I realize that with the time it takes to do it right, I will neverget it all done.  That’s when I know it’s time for some reality time management, an extreme mental makeover, otherwise known as a beer.

Now for real productivity, and I’m talking smokin’!, do not, repeat, do not plan on being employed.  A job is the #1 HUGE timewaster!  Having to work for a living is a clear formula for never getting anywhere with what matters, so break free of stupidalism’s soul-killing cycle of oppression just as soon as possible, ya hear?

Of course, that is, unless you are already perfectly happy doing just what you want every day of your life, in which case, I’m sure you must have some other problem, and bad apple will try to hit upon it soon. Drop me a comment, I’m sure I can help whatever ails you.

As for me, I’m trying to soon get to the heart of matters, because that probably is all I will get to, but even for that I only have about a nanosecond.  That is why I plan to rent the sleeping minds of housecats to help me figure it all out shortly. 

You can write me if you are interested in possibly renting your cats’ brains to this fine porpoise.  I promise to be very gentle and only use their minds from afar and only for the highest porpoises on the planet that I know.




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30 05 2007
Virtually Rendered

So, I’m fumbling about here in wordpress (and when I say fumbling, I mean… I haven’t a freaking clue what I’m doing so far), and I stumbled upon this tag-surfer thinger. So, there I typed in humour, an voila… a mass collection of humourous blogs were presented to me. I was quite tickled by this… but now, after finding your space, I’m grinning… no, smiling… from ear to ear!

If you want the cliff notes version of the above… GREAT SPACE! I’ll be back. 🙂

And yes… any tips you have on time management, I would be most grateful… I’m all ears. Nice meeting you… Bad Apple. (You don’t seem like a bad apple to me, but I don’t really get out much, so what do I know). 😉

31 05 2007

Thank you, Virtually Rendered! I love your screen name, since rendering is a fave topic of mine since way back. I have a great rendering story coming up, so stay tuned.
Yes, WordPress is fun to learn. It can be done with a deep breath and the idea that it’s malleable and all can be changed tomorrow. It helps if you can open more than one screen, so you can have the forums, etc. open at the same time as your site.
As for my badness, Bad Apple clearly needs to get a bit worse for you, that’s what I’m hearing. I guess you didn’t read Baby Needs Salt. I thought that pretty was bad if I can say so myself.

31 05 2007

I apologize… I left a comment yesterday, and as a fumbling newbie, I didn’t realize that my link to my space is not working. (Any tips on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!). At any rate, I’ll leave my wordpress link here, and hope you’ll drop in some time. Keep well, friend. 🙂

31 05 2007

*Making mental note to read: Baby Needs Salt!* Just as soon as I finished wrestling with this busted link… ##@!!@#!!

*breathing…. good advice… thank you… just in the nick of time too* 😉

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