Bad Apple’s Bad Tax Day Makes News Headline!

19 04 2007

In case you were wondering whether Bad Apple ended up getting mashed into a recent special tax season batch of bad apple cider, worry not!  She has emerged from the good end of the income tax season not exactly finished or victorious, but certainly a little more famous. 

It’s true, being famously late doing my taxes is not the kind of fame I signed up for on the form I filled out long ago in Andy Warhol’s outer waiting room, but we can’t all choose where our fifteen minutes gets aired and how it’s covered and whether they break into normal programming.  Anyway, if you want to see just how bad it all was, please visit the SF Chronicle article where I describe the whole boring affair.  I wouldn’t even share news this boring here on my blog, but then again, I don’t have to fill a whole newspaper everyday.

Here it is.




One response

19 04 2007

I sory aftar read artikel you cant file tax. good thing you ekxtenstioned. Joseph file lastminit too due cat Hank attak and deestroy inportent form. My freind Heinrich had tax bille but no euro. He send note say: will work off bille. He want pickup littur or read book to kid at grayde skool. Maybee you too? Heer sujjest for work: 1) Sweepe sidewalk of downtowne. 2) Washe wendows at tax offise. 3 Write easy for read instrucktsion booklit ekxplane how taxpayors lose wieght wile do taxes. 4 Make hollow potayto, give at peeple for hide money pay next yeer tax bille.

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