P.I.M.P., “Please Ingest More Potatoes” Campaign Kicks Off

7 04 2007

Hey Homies, get your potato on!  Don’t you know potatoes are THE cool urban vegetable for today’s playah? 

The Urban Potato Council announces its exciting new PIMP —  “Please Ingest More Potatoes” — campaign.  Our PIMP crew will be gliding into a hood near you, so watch for the big brown caddies and the Hot Potato Girls — they got eyes and bulges in all the right places! They’ll even show you where to stick your potato, so you can have car-cooked spuds fresh from the tailpipe!

To stay on top of the latest PIMP Hot Potato Girl appearances, and to sign up to win a potato a day for ten years, just leave a comment below.

This contest presented by the Urban Potato Council and  their message: “Please Ingest More Potatoes.”




2 responses

8 04 2007

I exksited win free potayto for 10year. You maile all onsce or send 1potayto evry day 10year. Oh Joseph like potayto. Beeside eat their many thing Joseph do withe potayto. Heer few:

1 Throwe at meen birds eat at Joseph gardin.

2 paparwaite for taxforme, bill and pictchur.

3 dril whole to middel, hollw out, hide stuff.

4 stik pensil, pen for holde like pincushsion.

5 karv into favrite kartoone carackter bake highe temp. paiynt and aplie varnesh. Put aruond haus for dekoraite. It nise canvirsatsion peices.

9 04 2007

The Urban Potato Council is very excited to hear of these hip new uses for their products. However, I myself am dying to know what stuff you hide in your potatoes, if it’s not too personal.

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