What Day is This? A Handy Reference Tool for Anyone Lost in the Work Week

29 03 2007

Do you ever lose track of what day of the week it is? If so, my friend Adrian has started this quick & handy reference tool to keep you on track.

 Monday: The day the boss comes in early to knock down each person as they arrive late.

 Thursday: The only day anything gets done — and it all happens at lunch.

And finally:

 Friday: For those who didn’t get a DUI after leaving the Happy Hour scene at Chevy’s, they’ll find their place of work with nary a salesperson to be found. If you’re in the office on this day, consider yourself a corporate flunkae {sic}

 A big Thank You to Adrian for this amazingly-useful and insightful business person’s book of days, brought to us by the foremost experts on suburban consciousness that I know.  Unfortunately, if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday or the weekend, you’re on your own to figure things out.   Good luck with that! 

So how do you determine what day of the week it is?  Come on, don’t withhold!  We’re dying to hear more winning tips to help us know if we’ve approached Hump Day or passed it.




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