Snakes are People, Too, St. Patrick!

16 03 2007

Yes, Bad Apple is Irish. Of course, she is.  She’s still mad about the centuries of injustice against the Irish, and that isn’t easy when you’re brought up on California sunshine.  It’s much easier to be mad about how boring and suburban my youth was, to give you just one example.  Being mad about ancestors from long ago, far away, living in a whole other ocean —  that takes real determination.

It didn’t hurt when All Things Celtic dot com paid me to scour the Internet for content for them to buy up.  I learned a lot of stuff about the old ancestors, in a weird Internet-mediated sort of way. But it was the height of the dot com bubble, and apparently All Things Celtic dot com blew their budget at Amazon buying every book on Ireland ever written, or at least, that’s what I heard.  The Website never got off the ground, but I learned enough about the Potato Famine to want to go back in time and kick some Brit butt.

But that was then and I guess, what with certain world events occurring in the intervening time, well, I say, why not let bygones be bygones?  After all, as an American who am I to say we shouldn’t forgive the tragic mistakes in foreign policy and human rights that occur every now and again throughout history?  Forgive and forget, or something like that.  That’s what the green beer is for.

So forgive a little and forget a little this St. Patty’s Day, because remember, even a snake from a country as chilly as Ireland had a mother who may have loved it, in a slow reptilian sort of way, but nonetheless.




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21 03 2007

Alison hi. Joseph. I onse watsch tv of irish potato famine story it sad. Som peeple servived they grow crps beside potato but it hard deside keep all for selfe or share. In same situasitsion I have hard time what do. You irish girl? I have mix herritige many ethniks make me what now today am I . I read you do impravise stage act. How get in that? Yur truope come Stuttgart? Let me know I buy tiket. I klap hard, cheer loud to. Maybee if viset bay airea I come see show.

22 03 2007

Joseph, that would be great to see you at a show! (Bad Apple performs live improv monthly with Pan Theater in San Francisco.)

Now, when I say I am Irish, well, my grandmother came over from Ireland, so that’s pretty Irish for a California girl. Anyway, everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s day, is what we say here in the U.S. I also happen to have some German in me so I got to get back there one day – I would love to perform in Stuttgard, and afterwards, we could all hit the, how you say?, night spots and maybe run into your lady friend.

Yes, the Potato Famine was scary, but not any scarier than some of the freaky stuff they predict if the California Levy system breaks. According to some reports, we’re all just an earthquake away from eating our neighbors out here, that is, if they don’t turn out to have the Avian Flu.

Thanks for your comment, and take care!

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