Nix The Bug Diet : Why I’ll Never Get Anywhere in The Green Economy

9 03 2007

I used to like the idea of promoting The Bug Diet and had gone so far as to create a new product, Land Shrimp, TM, the details of which I can only leave to your imagination with one hint: Think Arachnid.

The Bug Diet had a lot going for it; For one, it was green. The world has more bugs than anything, and people have been eating them since kingdom come without making a dent. If people just ate less meat and more bugs, everything would be better, I chuckled. I myself being strict vegetarian would, of course, not partake.

Then Discover Magazine had to come out with the story earlier this year about how bugs have these super-condensed, highly-efficient brains, so that even though they are tiny, they may have quite-developed feelings and thoughts for such little guys. So that puts me in a bind about The Bug Diet, because I’m not about causing any more pain and suffering in the world–God knows I cause enough without even trying.

Probably my windshield has killed enough bugs to provide at least several hearty meals, not to mention all the bugs in my strawberry jam and all the myriad insects that die to bring me my oh-so-vegetarian agriculture. Yeah, I’m already a freaking insect holocaust without even beginning to push my Bug Diet, and I have to consider things. Things like the Afterlife.

What if God is a bug or sympathetic to them? I read that even the ants will testify against your injustices upon, well, I guess it’s Judgment Day or something along those lines, I don’t quite recall. Maybe it’s at the pearly gates with that saint, after you die. Yeah, even if you hurt a fly, God’s gonna hear about it.

So please don’t eat bugs, because you’ll probably have to eat quite a lot of them. Best to fill up on sourdough bread, that’s what I’m going to do.


Read the Discover story about insect brains here.




One response

16 03 2007

Alison Hi. Joseph. I have probleme for bug too. Buudism say you kill then come back as bug. I get intuishion not kill bug but what do if infestatsion? I eat bug land in food if small. Big noway. I eat vegetearininism too egcsept somtimes. I heer word flexitarian it mean eat meaty just once awile vry littel. Maybee I that think of it..

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