Classic Lines in Customer Relations

2 03 2007

Here’s a novel take on customer relations in response to a complaint about a bare breasted woman on the KOIBOX company’s nail polish ads. A letter, apparently written (is it possible?) by the company’s president, is super arrogant and insulting to the complainant throughout, and ends with the phrase:

The TITS stay. Go find another product to bitch about… quaker.

Best, James Koustas

That’s got to be one of the classic lines of customer relations right along side famous ones like:

“Who gave you this number?” and “Send this damn fool the bedbug letter.”

The quaker line and story was excerpted from The Hot Librarian.




2 responses

12 03 2007
ed raegner

I love that Jim is not going to fall prey to one victorian principled person, who wants it their way.

12 03 2007

Absolutely! And how refreshing that he not try to “nice it up” with any pretty public relations language. All around, Jim comes out smelling like rose-flavor nail polish, in my book.

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