Worst Promotion Ideas Ever

18 02 2007

You try to start a buzz, but that clever marketing campaign is a real buzz kill. Don’t follow these stinkers into the proverbial black hole:

Buy a one week vacation at Doggy Destinations and your dog is flying to Tahiti for free! (Return trip costs may apply.)

Sign up to win a potato a day for ten years! This contest presented to kick-off the new Urban Potato ad campaign: PIMP, “Please Ingest More Potatoes.”

Subscribe today to the free Coffins Express Newsletter, The Dead Times, and you’ll automatically be entered in the first annual “Get Rid of Granny!” contest. The grand prize is lifetime room and board at The Oat Home for the Old.

Imagine the freedom of never worrying about your granny bill ever again!




2 responses

20 02 2007

Help me think of a biz-ad-promo for my new, “mobile” bikini hair removal service… I call it “Bushmasters”

20 02 2007

Sorry, I wouldn’t touch your job with a ten foot toothpick (although the phrase “Rip & Zip” does float to mind as ad copy–that’s a freebie on me, Roemeister, so have at).

In any case, thanks for stopping by and best wishes with your promising niche service concept!

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