Mortgage Dance Realism

11 01 2007

Sometimes I think if I see one more idiotic dancing cowboy on my banner ad, one more silhouetted freak boogieing down because they got some cheap mortgage rate, I think I might just have to have an attack of good old-fashion moral outrage.

Is that all anyone can think of to dance about anymore? Is that all they can think of to use this incredible network called the Internet for, to make people look like a bunch of Paleolithic snot-nosed hooligans drooling over the prospect of making out on some mortgage rate? I hate to break it to you, but the bank is the one who really ought to be dancing, cowboy.

I’d like to see a mortgage ad with a big fat bald guy in a pinstripe suit getting jiggy with it after he gets one over on the cowboy, who ends up in foreclosure. Maybe we could have the cowboy swinging from his suicide noose while the banker dances around him like he’s Prince and it’s 1999.

I’d like a little more realism in my banner ads, that’s all I’m saying.




3 responses

12 01 2008

Amen. Sweet Jesus, how I hate the mortgage dance.

1 07 2008

Its come to a point….personally – where i feel i should seek out in this great big world and find a face behind those ads….and punch that face.

11 07 2008
Javonni Brustow


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