Don’t Boar Me

7 12 2006

Chairman of the Boredboar-at-oakl-zoo.jpg

Okay, I was going to upload this pensive shot of me up on the header, just to see what it looked like.  But there were two rolls of film on that CD, so instead of me, this guy with tusks pops up.  After I laughed my ass off, I couldn’t very well take him down, at least not right away.  Something about that “wild” Boar fit right in with the whole Bad Apple theme.  It’s actually a zoo Boar, but I still wouldn’t want to meet it late at night in a dark alley.  Get a load of those tusks!  Yeah, for now, it’s a keeper.  Hank took this shot, by the way. Do you think he could have been any farther away when he took it?  Ever heard of a little thing called “zooming-in”??




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